The Firm

C.S. Heaton Appraisals, Inc. is an established real estate appraisal firm which has provided residential appraisal services in the Phoenix metropolitan market area for over 35 years.  We provide appraisal services in Maricopa and Pinal Counties in Arizona including FHA, VA, and Conventional appraisals.  This appraisal firm is committed to being up-to-date regarding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines as well as current guidelines for VA and FHA.

C.S. Heaton specializes in new construction appraisals to builders and their preferred lenders throughout the Phoenix Metro market.  We have a specific team of appraisers whom are extremely experienced in new build appraisals with the knowledge of all the specific idiosyncrasies required for these sometimes complex types of appraisals. We provide these new construction appraisals for the preferred lender clients of the majority of major builders in this Phoenix metro market.  This team of appraisers takes great pride in knowing exactly what is needed in terms of documentation within the report, comparable sale requirements, and comments required for these new build types of appraisals.

Overall, C.S. Heaton Appraisals is a great place to work in terms of our benefits offered, our office facilities, our front office support staff, and the tremendous teamwork atmosphere for all staff to work in.  Appraisers at this firm all have tremendous income potential and we like to think we have as much fun as possible in this team atmosphere providing our clients great appraisal services day in and day out.

Meet The Team

Brett Heaton

V.P. - Operations and Technology

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Mike Heaton

V.P. - Operations and Client Development

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About Other C.S. Heaton Staff

There are numerous other staff members at C.S. Heaton that are considered extremely valuable assets of this firm.  Do to confidential concerns we have not provided a specific bio and short resume for each and every staff member.  The Certified Residential Appraiser staff at C.S. Heaton includes numerous extremely experienced appraisers that provide our clients the absolutely best appraisal services possible in the region.  All our appraisers take great pride in being up to date with all Fannie Mae, FHA, and VA guidelines with the result being the lowest amount of lender call-backs for corrections possible.

The front office staff members at C.S. Heaton provide the appraisers valuable preliminary research for every appraisal assignment along with assistance in handling phone calls and messages for all the staff. They also handle appraisal file management and file retention into a paperless environment.  The front office staff also provides general book-keeping services for the firm’s payroll, accounts receivable, and accounts payable functions.

We are extremely proud and supportive of all the employees of C.S. Heaton Appraisals as we feel the staff here collectively provides the best overall appraisal services to our clients as possible.  This fact is supported by the professional product we provide our clients overall and the overall great service we provide each and every client of this firm.

Our Company Values

C.S. Heaton Appraisals has been committed to setting the standard for quality and excellence in the appraisal industry for over 35 years. Through this type of commitment, C.S. Heaton Appraisals’ goal is to be recognized as a leader in the appraisal business, and thus the company will build strong business relationships with all our clients.

The Mission Statement of this appraisal firm, which is framed on the wall in our office as a reminder to all the staff every day, is “To develop loyal and trusting client relationships by providing ethical services in a timely manner.”  The Values which all of our staff work towards are “Quality, Professional Service, Integrity, and Teamwork.”  This Mission Statement and Values for our staff has been the cornerstone for the success of this company for the past 35 years!  This appraisal firm also has great pride in the fact appraisers at this firm are some of the most educated appraisers in the region in terms of keeping up with the most recent guidelines for FHA, VA, and Fannie Mae and this fact shows in the professional work product we provide all our clients.